Wardy 'Wood' Joubert Meme Threatens To Bring Down Kansas Fire Dude

Today this smarmy Sunflower State story should get a great deal of love from the national media if there is any semblance of fun to be had before the nightmarish election season ahead. 

WaPo already picked it up.

Check the deets and a reminder that not all 1st responders are heroes . . . And most of their humor is not-so-strangely homoerotic . . .

Suspended for three days without pay on June 2 for texting a photo of himself in a firehouse wearing a gag gift sweater showing a cartoon version of a naked Black man, Wardy “Wood” Joubert, who became a popular meme during the pandemic. The sweater says “I have a big package for you” with a Christmas present covering Joubert’s groin. Neimann also is sipping from a coffee mug with a picture of Joubert and a vulgar saying. Niemann texted the photo in a WhatsApp chat with the message, “having a good morning at the firehouse.”

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You decide . . .