Visit KC Propaganda Actively Subverts Journalism And Trust In Media

One more time for the record . . .

We love this cowtown but realize there's absolutely no way that this place outranks Vienna, Austria in any respect.

What's worse is that this bit of content has Visit KC's filthy fingerprints all over it and it cheapens the discourse, it makes people skeptical of what they read and creates skepticism in reporting overall. 

Put simply . . . It's fake news. 

So, on second thought, because the ploy is so obvious . . . Maybe that's a good thing.

Here's the word one last time . . .

Kansas City won out as the best place for what Icelandair calls a “wellness workcation,” ranking above the often more romanticized cities of Vienna, Austria, and Copenhagen, Denmark.  

Recognizing the importance of prioritizing wellness for burnt out workers and employees’ fondness for virtual work, Icelandair deems the wellness workcation a trip in which an employee mixes work and relaxing travel. It’s “a fantastic way to make the most of remote working and prioritize your mental and physical health at the same time,” the airline writes.

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