Tracking Kansas City Shooting Victims

Not every spate of local gunfire earns news coverage or ends in homicide. 

Every year there are HUNDREDS OF GUNFIRE VICTIMS in Kansas City.

Thankfully, this year the trend seems to be headed downward. 

Here's a glimpse at the numbers from KCPD . . .

"As of 06/12/2022 we have had 204 living victims.  In 2021 we had 221 living victims as of 06/12/2021.

"In June 2022 we have had 18 living victims as of 06/12/2022 and in June 2021 we had 22 living victims as of 06/12/2021."

Take a look via screencap from the latest KCPD newsletter . . .

Developing . . .