TKC Blind Item: Kansas City Servers Work Diligently To Avoid This B-List Celeb

From THE BEST & BRIGHTEST TKC READERS . . . This item is a bit dated but still rings true.

Check an OFF-THE-RECORD NAME CHECK claiming that a local celebrity and her gaggle of friends make life harder for the local working-class . . . Here's their side of the story . . .

"She has quite the reputation here in Kansas City while out dining with her girlfriends. I know several waiters at a couple restaurants (one of whom is my nephew) who refuse to serve her. They literally argue as to who will have to serve her. She constantly complains and reminds the wait staff as to who her fiancĂ© is. She is NOT a pleasant girl and I can’t stand people who act as if they’re above everyone else. Can’t believe Patrick would tolerate this behavior."

Don't try to guess . . . You'll get it wrong. And we'll deny it either way.

Developing . . .