The Atlantic Considers Jason Kander For Prez

Today's tribute from the nation's leading progressive magazine might be exceptional book promo OR possibly a glimpse at the Democratic Party desperately searching their bench after Prez Biden now ranks as more unpopular than former Prez Trump.

Here's a glimpse at the future for Kansas City's favorite politico . . .

In multiple conversations, Kander insisted to me that Invisible Storm is not a precursor to a 2024 presidential announcement. But with each passing day, as pressure grows on Joe Biden to not seek reelection, Democrats are again on the lookout for their “next big thing.” And according to Kellyn Sloan, his right hand for more than a decade, Kander’s presidential future is a persistent topic of curiosity: “I don’t think that those calls have ever stopped.”

One lingering issue is whether Americans would be ready for a leader who is open about his mental-health challenges. I took this question to the CNN anchor Jake Tapper, who has long been supportive of veterans’ causes and developed a rapport with Kander during the latter’s brief stint as a commentator at the network. “The honest answer is I don’t know,” Tapper said. He noted that it was unlikely that previous veterans who have run for president, such as John McCain, didn’t also have some degree of PTSD, even if they didn’t publicly disclose it.

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Does the Jason Kander Story Have a Third Act?

There's a saying, though it's more of a whisper, that politicians are damaged people. That those who run for office have a pathological need for validation, that they're willing to go to obscene lengths to get attention, even if it means putting themselves or their family at risk.

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