Super Dave Considers SCOTUS Abortion Decision Consequences & Family Connections

We want to thank Super Dave for sharing his thoughts on a controversial issue. We welcome all thoughtful perspectives and think his take is brave, practical and personal.

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Super Dave: My Thoughts On Abortion

The whole abortion thing, to me, is very complex.

Sure there are some that are medically related and I understand that if it’s to save a life. But from all the statistics I see well over 80% of abortions have nothing to do with any health issues. It’s used as a solution for not being responsible adults or an accidental night of wild passion with your neighbor. I have seen many comments made about how it’s going to hurt black women, but its white women who lead the way in getting abortions all under the age of 30. Why are women not carrying a Plan B, sometimes referred to as the morning after pill which would be so much simpler than an abortion if you do not want a child?

Now as a person who looks at things outside the box I have to ask, if it's okay to kill your fetus that you don't want, then why isn't it just okay as well to just kill any child up to age 16 you may have when you decide you no longer want to deal with raising them either?

Back when my half-sister was born abortions were not easy to get. I never got to meet her as she was abandoned at birth. But today I have a wonderful niece and nephew who located me many years later along with a beautiful grand-niece. I wouldn’t trade any of them for anything. So I am glad my mother wasn’t able to get an abortion that would have denied me of the wonderful family I have today.

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