Starbucks Starts Closing Union Shops

Here's a quick preview of ALLEGED barista union busting that could be hitting the Kansas City metro very soon.

To be clear . . .

TKC loves collective bargaining and we've got no probs with workers trying to garner more cash. 

Sadly, this union effort earned great headlines and social media love but didn't really seem to resonate with most of the rank & file coffee workers . . . And here's the consequence of that lack of solidarity . . . 

A company spokesperson said Starbucks opens and closes stores as part of its regular operations. They did not comment on specific reasons for the closure, or answer any questions beyond the statement.

"Our local, regional and national leaders have been working with humility, deep care and urgency to create the kind of store environment that partners and customers expect of Starbucks," the Starbucks spokesperson said. "Our goal is to ensure that every partner is supported in their individual situation and we have immediate opportunities available in the market."

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Starbucks workers claim Ithaca store is closing due to union activism

CNN ITHACA, N.Y. -- Starbucks workers at an Ithaca, New York, store claim their location is being shut down in retaliation for their union activism. The worker committee said it is filing an Unfair Labor Practice charge with the National Labor Relations Board, alleging that Starbucks is making a "clear attempt to scare workers across the country," a press release from the Starbucks Workers United said.