St. Luke's Doubles Back & Provides Plan B

A major Kansas City health provider helped to create more confusion about abortion law today.

Take a peek . . .

In a statement, the health system said it evaluated and made the decision following the Supreme Court's ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade and Missouri's trigger law that restricts abortion.

But several hours later, Saint Luke's has reevaluated and changed course.

Part of their statement . . . 

"Following further internal review, Saint Luke’s will now resume providing emergency contraceptives, under new protocols, at all Missouri-based Saint Luke’s hospitals and clinics. However, the ambiguity of the law, and the uncertainty even among state officials about what this law prohibits, continues to cause grave concern and will require careful monitoring. This is especially true because the penalty for violation of the statute includes the criminal prosecution of health care providers whose sole focus is to provide medically necessary care for their patients."

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KC's Saint Luke's Health System changes course, will provide Plan B

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Saint Luke's Health System announced Wednesday afternoon that, after internal review, it will resume providing emergency contraceptives like Plan B to patients. The health system, which has locations in both Missouri and Kansas, was the first in the Kansas City area to announce it would stop providing emergency contraception to patients at its Missouri hospitals and clinics.