Single-Issue Women Voters Threaten To Start Civil War Over Abortion?!?!

Here's what I'm afraid of . . . And, just because the post title is silly . . . Empowered women aren't my greatest fear given that Brit super models doing their best Duke Nukem impression is a guilty pleasure of this blog.

But I digress . . .

Here's the scenario . . .

SCOTUS has unwittingly unleashed one of the greatest threats to the Constitution this nation has ever seen. 

Allow me to explain . . .

The rallying cry around the abortion issue has a decidedly anti-Constitutional feel and it also seems a bit vindictive.

Senators & members of congress are calling SCOTUS illegitimate. 

And whilst many pundits are worried about abortion violence . . . They obviously don't really know much about women . . . Many ladies can be much more vindictive than just burning down a few gas stations when they get mad.

Look closely and notice that outcry over abortion is somehow connecting to anti-gun sentiment.

Here's a popular sign and a talking point that continues to earn attention . . .

Accordingly . . . Here's a nightmare scenario that isn't altogether implausible . . . 


On the surface this doesn't make sense . . . 

People who value LIBERTY should find common-ground against government interference with both healthcare and personal/home safety.

However . . . There's precedent for this type of danger . . .

Former Prez Obama was swept into office by a wave of voters who didn't care much about his dearth of experience or sketchy record but merely supported his identity. 

And now in hindsight and from the perspective of foreign policy . . . Prez Obama was one of the worst leaders this country has ever witnessed. 

He laughed off the threat from Russia. 

Prez Obama showed inconceivable weakness against Vlad amid the annexation of Crimea. 

And Just like Prez Trump . . . Prez Obama didn't have the courage to make tough decisions in Afghanistan.

In a very real sense . . . Prez Obama deserves a great deal of blame for the current crisis between the U.S. and Russia and his foreign policy incompetence led to the U.S. restarting a Cold War with a super power.

Still . . . 

Single-issue voters overlooked the many failings of Prez Obama because he satisfied their agenda that argued for diversity, inclusion and equity at all costs. 

Of course . . . Talking foreign policy is above the pay grade of a basement blogger so let's bring this back home. 

Women voters in Missouri are now confronted by a barrage of rhetoric focused on the issue of "reproductive freedom" in order to attack the Republican super-majority. 

Female voters are being told they're second-class citizens and they have no autonomy over their own bodies. These arguments are easy for people to believe in society that discounts just about every individual. Stirring discontent is remarkably simple.

Now . . . 

This blog is a sausage fest and in general so many male pundits can't see it . . . 


I know . . . I know . . . 

Brilliant people try to allay my fears and tell me that women vote with their wallet just like men . . .

But that assumes that women voters act rationally. 

And again . . . 

We simply can't rely on women single-issue voters to behave with even a modicum of foresight. 

Accordingly . . . 

A scenario wherein outrage over abortion is co-opted by an agenda that champions anti-gun sentiment, horrific monetary policy, open borders, higher taxes & outrageous spending isn't just a possibility but a likelihood. 

Sadly . . . The solution is complex. 

The GOP can no longer afford to take their lady voters for granted. 

Meanwhile . . . 

Moderate Democrats would be ill-advised to let radical progressives co-opt outrage and lose an opportunity at real advances to the extreme-wing of the party that merely wants to burn it all down.

In a world of increasing complexity . . . 

TKC imagines a niche for pro-gun Democratic Party candidates and Pro-choice Republicans to run campaigns that allow for voters another choice betwixt increasingly polarized and extremist points of view in American politics. 

At the very least . . . TKC advocating for more voter options seems like a better alternative than a growing cacophony of irresponsible voices arguing for civil war as a viable option to settle political differences.

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