Sign Of The Times: Customers Queue Up For Independence, MO Egg Line

American scarcity continues to take hold and one of our KICK-ASS TKC READERS on far East side shares his view of grocery store real life amid the current recession.

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"Mark this down under 'Things I've Never Seen Before — Customers waiting in line for eggs at the Hy Vee on 40 Highway in Independence. People kept lining up until they ran out."

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US 'slowing towards a recession,' if it's not already in one, former Kansas City Fed president warns

Thomas Hoenig, who served as president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, said on Wednesday that he doesn't see a "mild soft landing coming our way" as inflation sits at 40-year highs.

Egg prices could soar as much as 21% this year

The price of eggs is expected to rise as much as 21% this year, up from previous estimates of 6%-7%, new government data out today shows. Why it matters: Eggs are now expected to see the highest increase in price compared to all other staple food groups tracked.

One Constant In The Last 300+ Years Is That Rising Cost Of Food Leads Directly To Revolution. Food Shortage Could Lead To "Bread Wars" Around The World

Upon popular demand Eddie and I talked about the food plant fires that have become seemingly an almost weekly occurrence in 2022. Corners of the internet have leaped to say that this is a coordinated conspiracy. My read on the situation after doing some homework is that it is unlikely we are looking at some sort of nefarious coordinated effort to impact food supply.

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