Show-Me Racist Housing History Erased

As always, with these stories . . . TKC repeats the offer to dig up J.C. Nichols and kill his zombie corpse again if it will many anybody happy.

About this story . . . A legacy of segregation and local complicity in systemic racism is soon to disappear from current housing dox.

Here's a welcomed move that confines nasty policy to history books . . .

Missouri would join a handful of states that have recently enacted laws to remove such covenants from property records, following Maryland, California, Illinois, Connecticut and Virginia.

The enforcement of the bill falls on the recorder of deeds office in each Missouri county.

“We think this is a really important good-government cleanup to start getting some of these restrictive covenants – that are not enforceable anyway – but get them off the books,” said Jessica Petrie, a lobbyist for the Recorders’ Association of Missouri. “It’s already 2022.”

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Missouri poised to remove unenforceable discriminatory housing restrictions in deeds * Missouri Independent

Realtor Shari Asher's clients were in the process of listing their home in Monett in 2019 when they saw something in the deed that rattled them. "When I sat down at their dinner table, I could tell they were both very embarrassed," Asher said.