Show-Me Kansas City Police Funding Flex Against Mayor Q & Local Activists

The new money added to the KCPD budget by way of Missouri legislation is a slap in the face to Mayor Q and so many activists who sought to "defund" police and were greeted with overwhelming push back from neighborhoods and Democratic Party leaders.

Here's another peek at the sitch and this week's cowton right-wing chest thumping . . .

Last year, the mayor attempted to redirect a portion of the police budget to specific crime prevention and community policing efforts, but the move was lost in court.

A new law from the state level requires that 25 percent of the city's general fund goes to the police, up from the current law mandating 20 percent.

Although a five percent increase may not seem that significant, in the scheme of a major city, it means millions of resources will be diverted away from other areas.

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State of Missouri diverting millions of KC's city budget into the police department

At the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department's north patrol, the budget is set to give more money to officers here and across the city. It's a move that would seemingly be welcomed by just about everybody involved with setting up the budget.But Mayor Quinton Lucas sees it as an example of too much state control over the KCPD.