Show-Me Homeless Camping Crackdown Coming Soon To Kansas City?!?

This is the 1st of two important posts on the homeless we have today . . . For now we take another peek at impending Missouri legislation and the discussion of personal liberty vs. public nuisance.

Here's part of the debate . . .

"House Bill 1606, passed at the end of the Missouri General Assembly's 2022 session, would ban camping on state-owned land. Modeled after legislation popping up around the country, this bill has rural and urban communities concerned about how it will hurt unhoused residents — and questioning if they will have to enforce it."

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Will Missouri criminalize homelessness?

A bill passed by the Missouri General Assembly would ban people from sleeping on state-owned land and allow the state attorney general to sue local governments that don't enforce the ban. Opponents of the legislation call it "criminalizing a population."