Share Your Shawnee Rebranding Suggestions!!!

We can't help to think that this might be the first step in a name change . . . Here's a bit of marketing hype that hopes to make this suburb a kinder & gentler place for the fading middle-class to reside.

Take a peek . . .

"The city recently launched a survey to gauge what residents value in city amenities. Residents will also be asked what phrases and color pallets they feel best represents Shawnee . . .

"All feedback will be used to drive any new designs or plans to better showcase Shawnee. According to the request for proposals (RFP) issued by the city, rebranding efforts will last several months as the marketing firm explores options to rebrand the city’s identity through a new logo and tagline."

We'll start the bidding . . . But we encourage readers to share even better reccomendations

Of course the colors are beige . . . With maybe a blood red accent to strike fear in the hearts of interlopers. 

Tagline suggestions . . . 

"Shawnee: Where Your Dreams Die Compassionately."

"My wife promised we would swing in Shawnee . . . That B*tch lied!!!"

"Shawnee Is Nice Enough For Your 2nd Family."

"Proudly counting three years between every school shooting!!!"

"Shawnee: Shhhhh!!! Let them all move to Overland Park!!!"  

Read more via link . . .

City of Shawnee plans to rebrand

SHAWNEE, Kan. - The City of Shawnee is looking for resident feedback ahead of plans to rebrand the city's image. The city has hired the Kansas City-based marketing firm CruxKC to head up community engagement efforts as the city looks to develop a new community brand.