Right-Wing Jury Nullification Subverts Conviction Against Kobach's Wall Building Buddies?!?

As readers can see from this screenshot . . . Kansas AG candidate was tight with this sketchy group that's now in the middle of a trail over their finances.

For better or worse, a diehard right-wing true believer might save defendants from consequences. 

Check-it . . .

"Earlier Thursday, 11 jurors said in a note to the judge that they were unanimously requesting that one juror be replaced by an alternate juror because the juror had shown anti-government bias and had accused all the others of being liberals."

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Jury deadlocked in trial for Colorado man charged in 'We Build The Wall' fraud case

Eleven jurors turned against one juror, accusing him of "political bias" and saying he'd labeled the rest of them liberals. NEW YORK - A jury said it was deadlocked Thursday in its deliberations of charges against a Colorado businessman accused of defrauding thousands of investors in a wall along the southern U.S.