Pious Kansas City Royals Prez Dayton Moore Insults Fans?!?

Despite a recent winning streak . . .Kansas City Royals fans don't seems to appreciate the team's boss talking down to the plebs on the topic of morality.

Remember that Moore earned mockery and outrage for his anti-pr0n stance that, ironically, went viral.

Here's a scathing critique of his recent comments . . .

Finally, there’s Moore’s comments about building better men, which dovetails with his passion about community outreach. There are a lot of things to say here, but ultimately: come on, man, your job is not to make people better. You are not running a youth group, a therapy practice, or a homeless shelter. You are running a professional baseball team whose purpose is to win baseball games.

This, too, is insulting in its own way. You can absolutely run an organization with integrity and professionalism and still win games. You don’t have to look very far. Just gaze across the Truman Sports Complex. Yeah, the Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes, but you know what they also have? A great culture, a cohesive locker room, and a front office that makes the necessary moves to win because this is a billion dollar business.

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The Royals front office is cultivating an attitude of insulting fan intelligence

On Monday afternoon, Royals Vice President of Baseball Operations Dayton Moore held an informal press conference at his annual C You In The Major Leagues camp at the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park. Moore started the nonprofit in response to the deadly shooting at the J in 2014 to support the community, whose vision is to "inspire children to become leaders in their communities."

When will the Royals be competitive again?

A couple of years ago, I wrote that for a team to compete for a World Series title they need five or six impact bats and a similar number of impact arms. I defined an impact bat as a player who consistently hits upwards of .275 with some power.

You decide . . .