NYT: Kansas City Mayor Q Confronts Partisan Gun Control Impasse

Mayor Q earns another important national headline amid the ongoing debate over gun control, worsening U.S. violence and more mass shootings.

This passage is important because the NYT offers an apt summary of how the conversation about guns impacts life on local streets and vice versa. 

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With a judiciary skeptical of limiting gun rights, and no ability to force change in Congress or in Republican-controlled capitols, mayors have been left to seek other ways to tamp down violence. Austin, Texas, used funding for unfilled police positions to hire mental health workers to respond to emergencies. Cincinnati expanded partnerships with federal law enforcement on gun cases. Kansas City, Mo., sued a gun manufacturer whose license was later revoked by federal authorities.

“I think what you’re seeing now is a connection among a lot of us to say, ‘We’re not just moving on,’” said Mayor Quinton Lucas of Kansas City, Mo., a Democrat whose city broke its record for homicides in 2020, when 179 people were killed.

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Big City Mayors, Furious About Mass Shootings, Fear Sweeping Gun Limits Are Out of Reach

Mayors described being caught in an exasperating partisan impasse, charged with managing the country's carnage but pushed to the margins when trying to fix it. RENO, Nev. - As the mayors filed into the conference room, they received a pamphlet called the "Mass Shooting Protocol" that included practical tips on coordinating with the police, setting up family reunification centers and organizing vigils.