Navigating Around Kansas City Road Kill

A quick reminder from our pay-for-play blog friends should be useful in order to avoid so much wildlife on local streets that might (or might not) be powered by meth as well.

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The most dangerous areas for urban wildlife in KC can be roadways surrounded by wooded areas and green spaces. Though these places can offer a great habitat, most wild animals unfortunately don’t understand the dangers of a busy street until it’s too late.

Tori Fugate, chief communications officer at the KC Pet Project, cautioned that dawn and dusk are the most common times of day to find animals in the middle of the street.

In more urban neighborhoods, Sugate said, motorists are most likely to encounter possums. They’re well adapted to cities, so drivers should watch the roads carefully when driving around places like Westport or the Crossroads neighborhood, she said.

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Foxes, possums and deer, oh my! KC experts advise how to live with street critters this breeding season

The Kansas City area is home to more than 2 million people, driving to work, tending to lawns and gardens and enjoying parks and green spaces. As the region grows, so does the population of urban wildlife in KC that simultaneously thrives on cohabitation with human beings while also facing shrinking habitat..