More Proof Kansas City 'Code Of Silence' Helps Worsen Crime Wave

Kansas City isn't talking and there's empirical proof of this town's lack of cooperation with police.

Check this tragic stat showing the people aren't risking a conversation with police amid a soaring and record-breaking homicide wave . . . 

"Police departments have tapped only $14,647 from the fund. Police in Kansas City have used some of the money to rent hotel rooms for crime victims who would be in danger if they remained in their residence . . ."

Let's not pretend this is a recent problem or urban "stop snitchin" trend . . . The reality is that KCMO's lack of cooperation with the po-po extends all the way back to the Pendergast era when the Irish mob was killing kids and trafficking in illegal drugs in order to build their family fortunes.

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$2M Missouri witness protection fund finds few takers in second year of operation

In 2020, amid the worst wave of violent crime in almost 15 years, Missouri lawmakers set up a new witness protection program proponents said would break down barriers of silence that left perpetrators unpunished. But since its creation, the program has gone almost unused.