More Deets On KCPD Dispatch Crisis

Newsflash . . .

After the nation and so many local political leaders have spent that past 24 months denouncing and attempting to defund every aspect of law enforcement . . . Staffing has proven to be a challenge. 

In fact, even support staff is hard to place.

Accordingly . . . Here's a glimpse at numbers which confront the po-po in KCMO . . .

"While an industry standard is to answer 90% of incoming calls within 15 seconds, Kansas City is struggling to answer 75% of calls within that time frame, according to data compiled by the Mid-America Regional Council."

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Kansas City has a 'dire' shortage of 911 dispatchers, so emergency calls go unanswered

A year ago, the Kansas City Police Department had three vacancies in the crucial role of answering the public's 911 calls and dispatching police. Now, there are 22 unfilled jobs out of 96 positions at full staff. As a result, call-takers are working extended shifts of mandatory overtime.