Missouri Train Derailment Aftermath

A regional story is worth noting given that it has dominated local newscasts.

Here are the basics . . .

"Passengers were aboard the Southwest Chief, which left Kansas City around 11 a.m. The train left the tracks near Mendon, Missouri, after hitting a dump truck at a public crossing. Three people are confirmed dead."

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Amtrak train derails outside Kansas City, leaving multiple dead and dozens injured

Three people are dead and dozens more injured after an Amtrak train derailed near Mendon, Missouri - about 100 miles outside of Kansas City. Eight cars and two locomotives left the rails after hitting a dump truck at a public crossing, according to Amtrak.

Crossing of Amtrak derailment on Missouri list for improvements

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Monday's deadly Amtrak Southwest Chief train derailment that occurred at an uncontrolled rail crossing was on a state list of potential improvements. According to the Missouri Department of Transportation's State Freight and Rail Plan report issued in February 2022, the crossing of Monday's incident was identified as one of several projects across the state slated for upgrades.

'We were standing on the windows': Passenger recounts Amtrak train derailing in Missouri

MENDON, Mo. - An Amtrak train derailed Monday afternoon, leaving three dead, dozens injured and even more temporarily stranded in a small Missouri town. Diane Couture was a passenger on that train when it hit a dump truck at a rural railroad crossing and derailed near Mendon, Missouri.

'It started to tip on my side:' Amtrak passenger talks about moment the train left the tracks

The Amtrak Southwest Chief Train 4 was en route from Los Angeles to Chicago when it derailed Monday afternoon after hitting a dump truck at a crossing near Mendon, Missouri.Amtrak said there were 243 passengers and 12 crew members on board.The Missouri Highway Patrol confirmed three fatalities - two people on the train and one person in the dump truck.

Officials weigh in on next steps of investigation of deadly Amtrak derailment

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The KSHB 41 I-Team is learning what will go into the investigation of the train derailment in Mendon, Missouri. The Federal Railroad Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are involved. Officials with the FRA said there will be several components to the investigation.

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