Missie B's 'Drag Race Party' Debuts In Midtown Kansas City: Leave Ur Kids At Home

This isn't my thing . . . But I have to admit that it kinda seems like fun. 

Even better, according to friends of TKC, the clientele at this local institution expect an "adults only" atmosphere and some of the more feisty regular patrons even get a bit annoyed with so many tourists and interlopers.  

To be fair . . .

EVERYBODY hates bachelorette parties. 

Also . . .

The story is apropos given that so many of our Republican friends seem angry about parents taking their kids to drag shows.

Here's a bit of insight on the event for so many curious locals . . .

"Going to a RuPaul’s Drag Race watch party at Missie B’s is like coming over to an Uchawi party, both queens tell me. “You can yell at the TV like you’re at your house and get you a drink. It’s never anything too formal because we’re sitting there and talking shit,” KiYanna says.

"The Uchawis are the main emcees for the event but feature a rotating cast of fellow performers like Mr. Gay Missouri America 2021 winner, KC Sunshine, and Karmella and KiYanna’s drag mother, KiKi Uchawi, who have a round-table style commentary throughout the show. “While enjoying your favorite drag show on TV, you can also see some of your favorite local artists or some performers you don’t know yet. I think it’s helpful to kind of bring everyone together and experience drag in all aspects—on TV and locally,” Karmella says.

"On commercial breaks, the panelists give their takes on the episode of Drag Race they are watching, commenting on the contestants’ looks with equal parts of crass humor and admiration."

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RuPaul's Drag Race is bringing a new audience of fans to Missie B's on Friday nights

It's Friday night at Missie B's, and the RuPaul's Drag Race Watch Party is being hosted by KC queen, KiYanna Uchawi.