Mark Alford Decries U.S. Border Crisis But Does He Live In District?!?

This firebrand former newsman is still creating quite a stir online . . . But his opponents also raise questions about his residency.

First here's his recent statement on the border hot mess that has worsened no matter which party holds the majority because big biz runs this country, not politicos . . .

"I’m sure you’ve seen some of the images coming from the border - but take my word when I tell you it’s worse than you think. The Biden Administration has been sitting around doing NOTHING while our Southern Border has been wide open. Last year the White House promised change, but in reality, they did NOTHING."

Meanwhile . . . 

Mr. Alford isn't the only politico confronting residency questions in Missouri & Kansas amid shifting maps. 

Read more via link . . .

New maps make residency an issue for candidates in Missouri's 4th Congressional District

If Missouri's primary election were held today, three candidates in the 4th Congressional District Republican contest would not be able to vote for themselves. The new district lines that took effect Wednesday already led state Rep. Sara Walsh of Ashland to quit the campaign she started last year because her home and legislative constituency will now vote in the 3rd District.