Life Lesson 2022: Kansas City Free Food Sites For Youngsters Debut

Credit where it's due . . . A local prog blog provides a valuable resource for the community.

Not-so-fun-fact . . . The majority of school lunches on both sides of the state line are subsidized.

As the growing rate of poverty worsens throughout the U.S. here's info that will help shield youngsters from its worsening impact . . .

Any child who shows up at any of the sites will receive summer food for free, no questions asked, according to DHSS bureau chief of community food and nutrition assistance Sarah Walker. There are no income or residency requirements, and volunteers collect no information from children who show up.

Appropriate food is sometimes available for young children, but typically the sites have no baby food or formula for infants and toddlers. If parents are having trouble affording food for young children, Walker said that food banks or government welfare programs will be better resourced to provide baby food and formula.

For parents of undocumented children who are concerned that using these resources could put them at risk of incarceration or deportation, Walker emphasized that no documents or identification are required, and no information will be collected or distributed by volunteers about anyone who receives a meal.

“It’s for all socioeconomic statuses, and that’s why we take no information and we don’t screen,” Walker said. “We don’t ever want anybody to feel like it’s anything other than what its intent is, which is to feed the kids.”

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Here's where you can get a free meal for your child this summer

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