Let's Defend The Rights Of Topless Kansas Women In The Heat!!!

Some claim the law is not yet firm . . . At the risk of know there are more boobs we DON'T WANT TO SEE than one we do . . . Our blog community would like more hands-on investigation.

Just a bit of boring legal doctrine . . .

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down topless ban in a Fort Collins, Colorado. The court's decision makes it legal for women to go topless in states that fall under the 10th Circuit.

Those states are Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.

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Federal ruling allows women to legally go topless in six states, including Kansas

"I think the council as they articulated in their 4-3 vote, really just thought as a matter of priority, no guarantee of success or that the Supreme Court would even take it up, that the money was just better spent on other city priorities," Fort Collins Deputy Director of Information Tyler Marr said.

Can Kansas women go topless? Supreme Court leaves it unclear

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) - The Supreme Court's decision not to consider topless bans leaves a ruling in place that technically allows Kansas women to go topless. But a local political science professor said the legality of it is complicated. On Monday the United States Supreme Court decided not to review a challenge to a New [...]

Why it's legal to walk around naked in Kansas

TOPEKA, Kansas - Several people took photos of a naked man walking the streets of Topeka last week. Many asked why he wasn't arrested. It turns out walking around naked in Kansas isn't against the law. Even Natasha Shamblin, a Topeka resident, was surprised. "He was butt naked!"

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