La Migra Coming Soon To Roeland Park?!?

Politicos offer a peek behind the curtain and suggest that election season posturing won't REALLY change life for locals.

i.e. - Sorry, that immigration sweep is just TV news chatter and almost nothing that we hear during campaign season is EVER going to happen in the real world.

Check-it . . .

Councilwoman Jan Faidley said she was saddened by the actions of the state legislature and the governor’s reasoning that local governments cannot “fix” immigration policies.

“For the record, it was never our intent as a governing body to fix immigration law, but simply to make Roeland Park a safer and more equitable place to live, work and play,” Faidley said. “What is most disturbing for me with the passage of this bill is the lack of effort to learn about the communities that are impacted.”

She said that no one should be scared that a family member could be deported if they call the police when they are a victim of or witness a crime.

Councilman Michael Poppa said the state law is indicative of politicians across the country trying to get a leg up in their political campaigns.

“I just want the people that we represent here in Roeland Park, our residents, to know we still value you and you are still safe, and we are only doing this because we are being forced to amend this ordinance,” Poppa said. “I still believe in the original text of the public safety ordinance that was originally passed.”

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Roeland Park reluctantly amends city ordinance after new state immigration law passed

City council members in Roeland Park reluctantly voted to amend an ordinance to avoid a potential lawsuit during their regular meeting this week. The Protecting Public Safety and Community Resources Act originally said that Roeland Park's agencies, employees and officers do not typically conduct the work of federal immigration enforcement, with limited exceptions.