KCPS 'Consolidating' Means Massive School Shut Down For Dying District Coming Soon

Today the newspaper helps the local school district employ a clever euphemism for their impending death and longtime demise over the course of a generation. 

Let's not forget . . . Families from EVERY demographic have abandoned this institution and over the course of 40 years they've lost 80% of their students. 

Charter schools offer the only real hope for the district and recent "full accreditation" hasn't inspired many returns.

Here's the latest slap in the face for this town . . .

"In KCPS’ first proposed scenario, all of those improvements could be achieved as long as the district closes and consolidates as many as a dozen schools. That would mean closing nine or 10 elementary schools and two or three high schools. Another middle school would be added, so that sixth grade could move into middle school buildings districtwide. The district would operate 25 schools, down from the 37 now open, saving an estimated $37.5 million."

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Fewer schools, better programs? KC district makes case for closing up to 12 buildings

Kansas City Public Schools may close and consolidate as many as seven to 12 schools with low enrollment, so that the district can spend more money on updating classrooms, expanding programs and ensuring all students have access to the same opportunities.