KCK Pizza Challenge Accepted

Don't worry . . . Mukbang really isn't our thing on this blog. 

However .  . .

We respect ladies who aren't afraid to display their appetites in public.

Accordingly, this vlogger clip might be promo but it's also fascinating and features a glimpse at some offering in The Dotte. 

Check the premise . . .

"Randy and I found ourselves in Kansas City, Kansas at 1889 Pizza Napoletana to take on Kansas City's Own Neapolitan Pizza Challenge! I had just one hour to finish 6 of 1889's specialty wood-fired pizzas in order to win my $89.89 meal for free, a groovy APRON, and a spot up on their Wall of Fame!"

Take a look via www.TonysKansasCity.com link/embed . . .