KCK Mayor Pledges To Fund Faith Community Crusade Against Crime & Poverty

A recent religious revival in The Dotte demands MILLIONS in hopes of lifting locals out of desperate circumstances.

With very little accomplishments so far . . . The KCK Mayor seems enthusiastic about the idea. 

Violence prevention and new affordable housing are what faith leaders want from government leaders.

"The big dream, this year's seed money, we'd like to get up to $10 million put aside in that. That will make a lot of homes, a lot of affordable housing for people in this community," said the Rev. Andy Frazier, of the Bonner Springs United Methodist Church.

The money will come from American Rescue Plan money. The mayor said he will do all he can to get it passed by the county commissioners.

"It's movements like this that we need to get behind to really change the dynamic and the atmosphere in Kansas City, Kansas so that everybody that wants an opportunity for success has it," Mayor Tyrone Garner said.

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Faith leaders demand action to stop violent crime, create affordable housing in KCK

There are new plans to reduce violence and create affordable housing in Kansas City, Kansas. Mayor Tyrone Garner is committed to spending millions on the plans.Churches United for Justice is pushing for change. Seventeen churches organized an event Tuesday with city leaders.