KC Current Build Lady Soccer Fan Base By Way Of Tax Credits, Hype & Social Justice

This hopeful missive offers promotional hype and excited reporting . . . But strangely forgets that the team doubled back on their opening promises to "self-fund" their stadium and then revealed that they needed taxpayer help.

Here's part of their game plan that speaks to the ideology of the organization . . .

The Current may now help provide part of the blueprint for this next phase of NWSL, where the league has a collective bargaining agreement with its players, increased standards for ownership groups, and perhaps growing leverage to seek more fruitful sponsorships and broadcast deals. NWSL commissioner Jessica Berman, who flew in for the facility dedication ceremony, told assembled media, “Facilities will be a key component of how we look at our next expansion team.”

The $18 million Current training facility is only the prelude to an even more expensive $120 million riverfront stadium, due in 2024. All money well worth it, according to the Longs.

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KC Current ownership sees more investment as the way forward for NWSL

Chris Long is glistening with sweat. He and wife Angie Long have been doing media all afternoon in the glaring Kansas City sun on a day where not a speck of cloud is to be found in the blue, blue sky, and the weather report says it feels like 104 degrees fahrenheit in 50 percent humidity.