Kansas Weed Advocates Claim Guv Kelly Just Blowing Smoke

Cannabis progress isn't moving fast enough and federal legislation is the only thing that will likely provide a reliable solution.

Still, the complaints from stoners are worth a glimpse and their starting to resonate amongst more voters who don't understand the legal prohibition that doesn't represent the reality on local streets -- This facet of the drug war was lost a long time ago . . .

“This appears to be more of a public policy statement from the Governor, rather than an actual effective piece of legislation–a hollow measure,” says Hoban. “In sum, the Governor’s ‘policy,’ merely promulgates the illicit market in Kansas, ignores the science behind medicinal cannabis patient needs/impact, and boldly asserts that somehow the State of Kansas can approve or disapprove FDA medicines. It’s the same old story with underinformed politicians on this topic.”

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Kansas Governor Signs A 'Hollow' Cannabis Measure

There are 19 states in the U.S. that have legalized recreational cannabis and 37 that permit medical marijuana. But Kansas remains one of the few states that has not meaningfully changed its laws around marijuana. On Thursday, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly signed a bill into law that allows Kansans to legally take FDA-approved medicine derived from cannabis.