Kansas Voters Axed: Elect Guv Kelly Again To Finally Kill Grocery Tax?!?

Like it or not, despite a great deal of bluster . . . Taking a chunk out of the grocery tax is a major accomplishment for this Kansas politico and she did it with help from Republicans.

Clearly, this is going to be a major talking point in her campaign . . .

Although Governor Kelly wanted the zero tax accomplished by January 2023, she signed the bill May 11, but is intent on getting the full grocery tax completely eliminated next year.

“It’s amazing that we were able to garner bipartisan support, particularly since it’s an election year. It’s not what I originally wanted, and I will come back next year on it, but we’re making great strides,” said Kansas Governor Laura Kelly in an interview with Midwest Messenger reporter Amy Hadachek on Tuesday, May 31.

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Governor Kelly axes grocery tax in Kansas

Kansas will no longer have a tax on groceries, beginning 2025. It may come even sooner, if Kansas Governor Laura Kelly gets her wish. After conducting a massive statewide campaign over the past several months to "Axe the Tax," state lawmakers approved a type of compromise bill that will knock the tax down to zero gradually over the next three years.