This bit of alleged political hypocrisy should be a big deal and deserves more local news coverage than it will likely garner. 

Sadly, despite so many progressive "news" outlets out there attempting to save local journalism. Most of them haven't bothered to inform their readers about this juicy political tidbit and a likely contradiction betwixt word & deed.

Here are the basics which could prove embarrassing to the incumbent at the outset of a tough campaign:

Democratic Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids, who joined lawmakers in April demanding restrictions on members and their families owning and trading stocks, has investments worth as much as $17,000 in Maxeon Solar Technologies, SunPower Corporation and FuelCell Energy, according to her latest filing in May.

Davids reported her FuelCell shares worth between $1 and $1,000 in July 2019 on her first filing upon assuming office. She also listed between $1,001 to $15,000 of SunPower shares that year and first reported between $1 to $1,000 of Maxeon Stock in August 2021, according to a filing.

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Dem Who Wants To Ban Stock Trading For Members Of Congress Invests In Companies Lobbying For Green Energy Handout

A congresswoman who supported a measure banning members from trading stocks owns thousands of dollars in shares of green energy companies that have lobbied for congressional subsidies, financial disclosures show. Democratic Kansas Rep.