Kansas GOP Doubts Kobach OR KCUR Loves RINO Backstabbing?!?!

Take this local progressive radio report with a grain of salt because polling suggests that Kobach is leading the pack in this contest.

However . . . Instead of relying on data, experience or even an interesting bit of gossip . . . KCUR merely lends a voice to RINO slap fighting in an election year when hard-line ring-wingers seems to be making gains again.

In fairness, here's their story . . .

"Kris Kobach is trying to make a political comeback as the Kansas attorney general, but his Republican opponents say he's vulnerable to lose to a Democrat in the general election — again."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Kobach's political rebound as Kansas attorney general faces another fight over electability

LAWRENCE, Kansas - The candidates running against Kris Kobach in the August primary for attorney general argue that it's the Republicans' race to lose - and that only he could lose it.