Kansas City Turnaround: Bridge Feasts Again, Gas Tax Doubt & MAGA Ladies Out Of Love

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Truck Turned Into Snack

Brunch for a bridge: Underpass at Independence Ave. makes morning meal out of semitruck

Kansas City officials hope the day will soon come that a solution is found for a famously low underpass at the Independence Avenue Bridge in the form of a warning system. That day is not today. The Kansas City Missouri Police Department has again tweeted out a photo showing a commercial vehicle torn to shreds after missing the bridge's 12-foot clearance.

Getting Ur Rocks Off

Sharp rocks in road from city project damaged car, Kansas City man says

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City, Missouri, man says sharp, softball-sized rocks from a city construction project were in the middle of the road and punctured his oil tank, doing hundreds of dollars in damage to his car. Tyler Robertson said it happened Thursday night on View High Drive near Bannister Road.

Tuning Out Local Buzz

You may see more yellow jackets than ever this summer. Here's why you should keep your distance

Tiny as they are, these black-and-yellow insects can build giant super-nests and will sting repeatedly if provoked. Now, warmer winters may mean more of them. An insect expert is sounding the alarm about the potentially high numbers of massive perennial yellow jacket nests in Alabama this year, according to *** post by the Alabama ***.

Cowtown Retro Party Persists

In the 1970s, Kansas City park hosted free Sunday hippie concerts. The shows are back

Music fans who are old enough to remember when Theis Park was called, unofficially, Volker Park can take a step back in time this weekend. A hippie hangout in the 1970s, the park was the venue of memorable free music events known as Sundays in the Park.

Local COVID Vaxx Advice

Doctors discuss the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 shots for kids under five

New details have been released on the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines for children under five in Kansas City.Doctors at Children's Mercy Hospital talked Tuesday about the safety and the effectiveness of the Pfizer and Moderna shots.The wait is over for parents who want to have their younger children vaccinated for

Toy Train Moves Forward

Kansas City's southern streetcar extension nears completion of first of six segments - Kansas City Business Journal

Stacks of track just off Grand Boulevard continue to shrink each week as the initial segment of Kansas City's $351.7 million southern streetcar extension rumbles closer to completion. Since KC Streetcar Constructors broke ground in early April, workers have laid essentially all southbound track between Pershing Road and 27th Street - the first of six Main Street segments.

Preseason Kick-Off Underway

Chiefs training camp tickets available now

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Tickets for the Kansas City Chiefs training camp are available now! Starting Thursday, July 28, and going through Thursday, August 18, the Chiefs will be in St. Joseph, Missouri, at the Missouri Western State Campus for the 12th year as they prepare for the season.

Powering Pr0n NextGen

Siri Dahl: Powerlifter, Performer and Brand Ambassador

Do you even lift, bro? Siri Dahl does. She deadlifts. Deadass she even once decided to swap out "my H-cup tits for an epic powerlifter ass" and now she crushes all comers with maximum gluteus maximus. Having my inspiration as a performer rooted directly in the sex-positive, queer porn movement has always informed my approach to performing, and my career in general.

White House Fix Already FAILS

Biden will call for 3-month suspension of gas tax, though officials acknowledge it 'alone won't fix the problem'

President Joe Biden will call on Congress in a speech Wednesday to suspend federal gasoline and diesel taxes until the end of September, senior administration officials said, framing the move as necessary to provide relief to American consumers but itself not enough to resolve the problem of surging energy prices.

Former Prez Don Discarded???

Women for Trump co-founder and Jan. 6 rally organizer: Trump is 'disconnected from the base'

A co-founder of Women for Trump and an organizer of the Jan. 6 "Stop the Steal" rally spoke out against former President Trump following Rep. Mo Brooks's (R-Ala.) loss to Katie Britt in the Alabama GOP Senate primary Tuesday. Trump, who initially endorsed Brooks in the race, announced earlier this month that he would transfer his...

Hard Times Finally Admitted

Fed chair says recession a "possibility" amid inflation battle

Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell told lawmakers on Wednesday that a U.S. recession is a "possibility" as it plots an aggressive interest rate hike campaign to contain prices that are rising at their fastest clip in over 40 years.

Quake Kills 1000 & Counting

At least 920 dead in earthquake in Afghanistan

LONDON -- At least 920 people have been killed and more than 600 others have been injured in a powerful earthquake in eastern Afghanistan, a local emergency official said. The 6.1-magnitude quake struck near the Pakistan border, Mawlawi Sharafuddin Muslim, deputy minister of disaster management, told reporters on Wednesday.

Vlad Watches Opposition

Russian cyber spies attack Ukraine's allies, Microsoft says

SAN FRANCISCO, June 22 (Reuters) - Russian government hackers have conducted multiple cyber spy operations on countries allied with Ukraine since Moscow's February invasion of that country, Microsoft said in a report on Wednesday. "The cyber aspects of the current war extend far beyond Ukraine and reflect the unique nature of cyberspace," Microsoft President Brad Smith said in the report.

Sacrilege South Of The Border

Search underway for bodies of priests killed inside church, 4 missing tourists in Mexico

Pope Francis on Wednesday mourned the deaths of two Jesuit priests and a sanctuary seeker whose bodies were spirited away by armed men after they were gunned down inside a church in northern Mexico. The pope, who also belongs to the Jesuit order, expressed sadness and dismay over the killings of men he called his "brothers" in the remote mountains of Chihuahua state.

Special Sauce Exposed

Fast food worker arrested after customer finds bag of methamphetamine in their order

An Oklahoma fast food worker has been arrested after a customer allegedly discovered a bag of methamphetamine when they received their food order. The incident occurred on Monday, June 20, in Skiatook, Oklahoma -- approximately 20 miles north of Tulsa -- when the Skiatook Police Department was made aware of an incident at an unnamed local fast food restaurant that a customer had surprisingly found a small baggy of drugs inside their food order.

Hollywood Star Suffers Bad Reviews On Identity

Elliot Page addresses the 'unfortunate' negativity he's received since transitioning

Elliot Page joined Late Night With Seth Meyers Tuesday where he addressed the negative reaction by some after the actor transitioned to become a man. Page has spoken about being verbally accosted in public after coming out as transgender, and finds people's obsession with it unfortunate.

Ladies First At This Dive

A sports bar of their own

Jenny Nguyen found it difficult to watch women's sports at sports bars, which predominantly showcase men's games. So, she founded the Sports Bra in Portland, Ore., the first one in America that exclusively shows women's sports on all its TVs.

Tech Hotness Upgrade

Bill Gates' daughter Phoebe is a bikini activist: 'I'm not shy about my body'

Bill Gates' daughter Phoebe Gates is going viral after posting a salacious bikini snap - while protesting the potential overturn of Roe v. Wade. Her swimsuit pic is the opening act for a series of infographics about the "Bans Off Our Bodies" campaign, and is blowing up on Instagram.

Stuck In The Middle With You!!!

These are the best sex positions to have in a threesome

IT might be that you're looking into spicing things up in your relationship and maybe you're looking into having a threesome. If are still new to the whole thing and have no idea what to do, then do not worry because here we tell you about some of the best sex positions to have in a threesome.

Kansas City Equity Earns Support

Troost gets creative with business collective

Aniaya Reed Editorial Assistant The Troost Market Collective (TMC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to create equitable economic opportunity for creative entrepreneurs, inspiring future generations through innovative partnerships and programming. Crissy Dastrup, founder and Board Chair of TMC, has actively provided small locally-owned businesses with the opportunities to grow in the Troost area.

Tribute To Local Pioneers

Historical plaque honors Station 11, 1st all-Black fire station in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - We now know more about the history of Black fire fighters in Kansas City, Missouri, thanks to a historical marker honoring those men outside Station 11 on 2033 Vine Street. "This is an adventure, and we are rewriting history, because it was segregated," Michael Davis, a retired Black firefighter with KCFD, said.

Health News Subs For Checkup

U.S. News ranks the healthiest communities in the nation, see where Kansas City lands - Kansas City Business Journal

One Kansas City-area county ranks in the top 20 among the nation's healthiest communities, according to the latest U.S. News & World Report's Healthiest Communities rankings. Johnson County, Kansas came in at No. 20 among the top 500 healthiest communities in the U.S. in 2022 on the list, with an overall score of 85.17.

Classy Sounds Cont'd

A June celebration - Part 3

In the third and final installment of our June celebration, co-hosts Michael Stern and Dan Margolies commemorate Igor Stravinsky's birthday by featuring performances of his Symphony of Psalms and Firebird Suite. We'll also hear June performances by the Kansas City Symphony of John Corigliano's Snapshot: Circa 1909 and Dimitri Shostakovich's powerful and defiant Symphony No.

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