Kansas City Tuesday Serving: Pretend To Enjoy Boulevardia & Prez Biden Economic Talk

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Boozy Party Planning Debuts

Kansas City Boulevardia: What to know if you're headed to Crown Center

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The weather may be hot, but the main thing is that the Kansas City Boulevardia is back this weekend. After a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kansas City's street festival is returning to the Crown Center on Grand Boulevard throughout Washington Square Park on June 17-18.

Heartland Copes With Rapidly Rising Healthcare Costs

Kansas and Missouri could and should help rein in medical debt, researchers say

Kansas and Missouri don't do enough to protect their residents from racking up medical bills, researchers say. A new project from the University of Arizona and University of Utah and the Pew Charitable Trusts digs into consumer protections for people getting medical care .

Offline Irony: Library Desperately Needs Internets

Internet, phone service out at several Mid-Continent Public Library branches

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A cut in an internet service line is likely to blame for the loss of internet and phone service Tuesday at nine branches of the Mid-Continent Public Library system. The branches effected were Buckner, Camden Point, Dearborn, Edgerton, Kearney, Lone Jack, Oak Grove, Platte City and Weston.

Sweating It Out In The Dotte

Cross-Lines retirement center on day 4 without air conditioning

Residents in Cross-Lines Retirement Center in Wyandotte County are frustrated after living without air conditioning for four days amid some of the hottest weather of the year. Residents of the retirement center are low-income, elderly and disabled. They say the air conditioning went out on Friday and it still isn't fixed.

Trigger Warning: TV News Covers EPIC & Nasty Lake Burns

Explosion at lake leaves KC area man with second-degree burns

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A normal day at the lake left a metro father in the hospital fighting for his life after he tried to charge his personal watercraft when some sort of explosion happened. Now, he has second-degree burns from his waist up and his daughters are sending warning signs after the freak accident.

Hottie Swings Into Summer

Lindsey Pelas In Thin Top Lets Natural DDD's Hang: 'Hi'

Lindsey Pelas gives fans a peek at massive assets on social media! The famous model took to Instagram on Monday and shared an eye-popping double update. At first glance, Lindsey may look fully clothed, but she left a tiny but significant detail that made her viewers look twice.

White House Denies Worsening Inflation Reality

Biden falsely claims inflation 'worse everywhere but here,' but US rate higher than most developed countries

President Biden falsely claimed that inflation worldwide is "worse everywhere but here," but the data tells a different story. Biden made the claim while speaking at the AFL-CIO conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday, turning heads when he claimed inflation was worse everywhere else but the U.S.

Case Against MAGA Cont'd

The problem(s) with Trump's pushback against the Jan. 6 probe

Last week, NBC News highlighted a specific plan crafted by congressional Republican leaders: As the Jan. 6 committee's hearings unfolded, the GOP would focus its attention on entirely different issues and treat the investigation as an irrelevant sideshow, unworthy of ferocious pushback. Either Donald Trump didn't hear about the plan, or he decided not to care about it.

Big Money Doubts American Economy

Billionaire investor Leon Cooperman predicts US stocks will plunge 40% in total as the economy crashes into a recession

Leon Cooperman has said the US economy will go into a recession and stocks will fall much further. The billionaire investor told CNBC Tuesday the S&P 500 would fall 40% in total from peak to trough. He said the index might not bounce back until it hits 3,000 - 20% below Monday's close.

Progressives Slam Prez

'Betrayal': critics condemn Biden's plan to visit Saudi Arabia

Joe Biden will visit Israel, the occupied West Bank and Saudi Arabia next month, the White House said on Tuesday. The announcement immediately put the administration on the defensive, given the president's previous stance that the Saudi regime was a "pariah" because of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi and other human rights abuses.

El Papa Engages In European War Blame Game

Pope Francis says Ukraine war "perhaps somehow either provoked or not prevented"

Rome - Pope Francis has told a group of European Jesuit news editors that the war in Ukraine was "perhaps somehow either provoked or not prevented," and he cautioned against oversimplifying the conflict. In an interview published Tuesday in the Jesuit publication "La Civilta' Cattolica," the pope said that in Russia's war on Ukraine, "there are no metaphysical good guys and bad guys, in an abstract sense."

Stars & Stripes Rolls Into Downtown

Historic, colorful locomotive on display at Union Station

An historic and colorful locomotive is now on display at Union Station. Santa Fe 5704 is a locomotive painted red, white and blue for America's bicentennial in 1976. It was set to be scrapped in 2020 after more than four decades hauling freight, but it ended up being donated to the Southern California Railway Museum.A company in Kansas City recently restored the locomotive.

Suburbs Abuzz

15K bees relocated after swarming Olathe neighborhood

OLATHE, Kan. - Things were buzzing in Olathe Tuesday afternoon. Someone reported a bee swarm on a curb near 119th Street and Nelson Road. Police and Animal Control officers responded to the call and notified a metro beekeeper. While waiting for the beekeeper to arrive, the police department shared video of the swarm.

Kansas City Heat Wave Just Getting Started . . . 

Highs in the 90s set to last through next week


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