Kansas City Transit History Explained: From Horses To Toy Train Schemes & Back Again

We were promised flying cars by this point. 

Sadly, this town is forced to endure angry hipsters advocating a return to bicycle & fixed rail tech from the early 1900s. 

Check-it . . .

"The history of public transit can be simplified into several overlapping eras, according to local historian and retired Metropolitan Community College professor Bill Worley.  The first four eras include the mule and horse car era, the cable car era, the streetcar era and the introduction of buses. 

"The story, however, ends with a back-to-the future twist in the fifth era — the reintroduction of streetcars on Main Street in 2016."

Hitching a Ride Through History: The Evolution of Kansas City Public Transportation

It may be hard to imagine today. But Kansas City was once home to the third largest cable car system in the United States - behind only San Francisco and Chicago. Once known for its expansive transit system - before becoming extraordinarily dependent on the automobile - Kansas City has a deep and ever-evolving history of public transportation and ridership.