Kansas City Sunday Look: Royals Lose, Weed Spike & Supreme Fight

In this quick post we check in with late night denizens as the home team doesn't seem to be making any progress and we review pop culture, community news and a few top stories.

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Kansas City Faithful Consider Supreme Consequences

In response to Supreme Court's decision, some Kansas City faith groups question what's next

As some Kansas City religious groups rejoiced at the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, other faith groups were left reeling by the decision. Rabbi Alan Londy from The New Reform Temple in Kansas City, Missouri, spoke to his members at Friday night's Shabbat service, saying the decision was more than just political and a direct affront to religious freedom.

Home Team Tries Again

Royals lose another series after 5-3 defeat to A's

It was another disappointing Sunday for the Royals, who have now not won on a Sunday in six weeks. A three-run sixth inning to briefly take the lead was not enough, as the A's came back on Brady Singer and beat the Royals, 5-3. Singer overall pitched pretty well.

Celeb Good Deeds Rule This Weekend

Big Slick Celebrity Weekend raises over $3.5 million for Children's Mercy Hospital

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - In its first year back in person, Saturday's Big Slick Celebrity Weekend event raised a big number for the Cancer Center at Children's Mercy Hospital. Over $3.5 million was raised at the event, which was held at The T-Mobile Center on Saturday.

Kansas City Regret Lingers

Losing overtime coin toss in Kansas City still hurts for Josh Allen - ProFootballTalk

Bills quarterback Josh Allen turned in two of the greatest playoff performances in NFL history last season, first against the Patriots and then against the Chiefs.

Prez Promises Supreme Status Quo

Biden still does not support court packing, White House confirms

President Joe Biden does not support Democrats pushing to expand the Supreme Court, the White House announced on Saturday. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed the president's position on the issue during an Air Force Once press gaggle.

Big Money Now Dislikes MAGA???

Trump fatigue sets in: 'Some donors are getting sick of the sh--show'

"Trump is facing an important onslaught of negative facts with these hearings and there is no real defense. He has no friendly members on the committee and there aren't facts to put in front of the public to make any of this sound less bad," said Dan Eberhart, a Republican donor.

Vlad On The Move

Russia's Putin to make first foreign trip since launching Ukraine war

LONDON, June 26 (Reuters) - Vladimir Putin will visit two small former Soviet states in central Asia this week, Russian state television reported on Sunday, in what would be the Russian leader's first known trip abroad since ordering the invasion of Ukraine. Russia's Feb.


Cannabis use has risen with legalization and COVID lockdowns, U.N. report says

VIENNA, June 27 (Reuters) - Places including U.S. states that have legalized cannabis appear to have increased its regular use, while COVID lockdowns had a similar effect, raising the risk of depression and suicide, a U.N. report said on Monday.

Vlad War Moves Forward

Ukraine war: Missiles hit targets across country as G7 rallies over Russia

Dozens of Russian missiles have struck targets across Ukraine, with the capital Kyiv enduring the heaviest barrage in months. A Kyiv apartment block was destroyed, killing at least one and wounding six others including a seven-year-old girl. Ukraine says 14 missiles were fired at the Kyiv region on Sunday, but the strikes extended far beyond the city.

El Papa Consider State Of The World

Pope hails families, blasts 'culture of waste' after Roe

ROME (AP) - Pope Francis celebrated families Saturday and urged them to shun "selfish" decisions that are indifferent to life as he closed out a big Vatican rally a day after the U.S. Supreme Court ended constitutional protections for abortion .

Ballers Absolve Quest For Cash

Chiefs' Trey Smith doesn't blame Tyreek Hill for leaving Kansas City: 'I'll never blame a guy to get paid'

Trey Smith only was teammates with Tyreek Hill for one season, yet was blown away by his former Kansas City Chiefs teammate's football skills. Hill impressed Smith -- a rookie right guard on the Chiefs' revamped offensive line last season -- with his talent on the field and his difference-making ability.

Enjoy Mild Side This Week

FORECAST: Cooler than normal temperatures as work week begins

We'll kickoff the new work week with cooler than normal temperatures with area lows in the upper 50s close to 60 degrees. By the afternoon highs will climb into the upper 70s and low 80s with a partly sunny sky. Quiet weather sticks around for most of the week, but it gets warmer by Wednesday.

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