Kansas City Star Spotlights Protest Condemning Sheriffs As Racist

Nobody else really paid much attention to this protest . . . But KC's paper dutiful offered their platform to bold and somewhat unsubstantiated claims against law enforcement.

Here's their side of the story . . .

“The National Sheriffs’ Association is a racist institution that harbors white supremacist sheriffs from across the country by providing them with the tools and resources necessary to prey on vulnerable Black and Brown people like you and me,” said Yaquelin Valencia, a campaign manager with Faith in Action.

Members of Faith in Action, Missouri Faith Voices and Communities for Sheriff Accountability spoke at a press conference held at the site of the protest.

Leaders said sheriffs across the country rely on racial profiling to make arrests, are not held accountable for jail deaths and separate families by cooperating with ICE.

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KC leaders condemn white supremacy outside National Sheriffs' Association conference

Faith leaders gathered in Kansas City on Monday to protest white supremacy in law enforcement as the National Sheriffs' Association held its annual conference downtown. Clergy and community members spoke outside Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, across the street from the convention, which is being held from June 27-30 at the Kansas City Convention Center.