Kansas City Star Shares World Cup Wish List

The so-called Kansas City paper of record offers a peek at their agenda for a world with limitless resources.

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At the same time, winning the bid will not cure the region’s most stubborn problems. Crime, poverty, uneven educational opportunity, disinvestment in poor communities, transportation struggles and police reform remain significant challenges.

Kansas City cannot let the World Cup distract it from these concerns. In fact, we believe the opposite is the case: Now, 2026 should become the target date for a series of important improvements that will benefit the entire community — before the soccer tournament comes here, and after it leaves.

Let’s fix a spotty, underfunded mass transit system by 2026, providing reliable, free transportation for residents and visitors. Let’s finish the work of consolidating Kansas City’s public schools, meeting the promise of a quality education for every student — offered in modern, well-maintained buildings.

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Congratulations on the World Cup, Kansas City. Here's what we have to fix before 2026

OPINION AND COMMENTARY In 2026, Kansas City will host games for soccer's World Cup, arguably the globe's most prestigious sports tournament. The announcement came Thursday that Kansas City is one of more than a dozen cities that will host the games in the United States, Mexico and Canada.