Kansas City Star Readers Blame Everybody But Prez Biden For Inflation

Reader feedback from dead-tree media subscribers tragically doesn't seem to understand basic laws of supply and demand that not only impact the economy but also determine the fading fortunes of print journalism . . . Then again, somebody paying 900 bucks for week old news isn't likely to have very keen insights on macroeconomics.

More to the point . . .

The newspaper's feedback loop conveniently forgets Prez Biden giving away free money in historic fashion,scoffing at inflation as transitory, and the subsequent impact of misguided monetary policy on the global economy given that the dollar is the world's dominant reserve currency. For now. 

Here's the progressive perspective that is great for talk shows but not the nation's bottom line . . .

"The media talk about inflation in the United States as though we were isolated from the rest of the world. Other nations are also suffering from acute inflation. The reasons are complex but include the COVID-19 rebound, shortages of workers in both production and supply chains, climate change and, of course, the war in Ukraine."

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Inflation is a worldwide problem. Journalists, don't let politicians pin it on Biden

OPINION AND COMMENTARY The June 14 "Short take: You, not journalists, have the power" (7A) explained how journalism can provide information but only the public can take action. I agree, but I think journalism has failed to provide necessary information on the worldwide nature of inflation.