Kansas City Star Incites Racially-Charged Hatred By Publicizing Grade School Allegations

Today our cowtown suffers another new low in local journalism. 

The Kansas City Star publishes unverified allegations from grade school students claiming racially derogatory insults were hurled at them. 

In this story we wouldn't dare question students because they're CHILDREN and more than anything, first they deserve compassion, understanding and care. 

Our concern is for adults spreading the unverified words of youngsters in a newspaper that claims to represent one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the United States.

Here is a passage from the tale that has not been confirmed by any administrator . . .

"The parents of the two 15-year-old boys, whom we are not identifying, said their sons were dancing on gym bleachers before classes started Tuesday. A school counselor, who is white, approached and allegedly told the boys to sit down because they were acting like “big Black animals.” The boys told their parents that the counselor repeated the comment when they asked what he’d said.

"The counselor “denies the allegations made,” a school spokeswoman said in an email. “It is important to note that we take this subject very seriously and we will continue to conduct a thorough investigation.”

"So of course this should be investigated thoroughly, and if true it’s hard to imagine how the counselor could keep his job. At the very least, talking to any student in this way is completely inappropriate. But calling young Black male students “animals’‘ is far worse — it’s downright disgusting.

"Historically in this country, young Black men have been wrongly viewed and depicted as aggressive and violent. It’s an ugly stereotype that has too often led to bias, mistreatment and wrongful violence against them, including by police.

"This is the kind of information that gets discussed during racial and cultural sensitivity training, which Frontier has done in the past and which plans to do more this summer. Even though the school says no other complaints have been made against the counselor, if it turns out that he’s calling young men animals, then how does he view other students of color at a school that is more than 90% Black and Hispanic?"

Accordingly . . .


We get it . . . 

Pundits typically hide behind the "just asking questions" line but given this kind of incendiary verbiage pushed on the public . . . It's not too much to ask for some discretion from the so-called Fourth Estate

Moreover . . .

If the story is verified we'd have no problem standing right next to the Star and demanding a resignation for the offending counselor. 

However . . .

Let's not forget that the newspaper used this same tactic when then IMAGINED that a pregnant, unarmed Black woman was shot by police for no reason . . . According to the "questions" spread by the almost daily dead-tree media organization. The questions and implications were INCORRECT and the newspaper never apologized.

Accordingly . . .

We remember a time, not so long ago, when locals pondered the fate of our community without a vibrant daily newspaper. 

Now we know.

More to the point . . . 

For the most part, the Kansas City Star editorial division performs an active disservice to our community and their op/ed offerings don't deserve the support of any organization that seeks the betterment of the metro area and its people. 

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Did a Kansas City charter school counselor call two students 'big Black animals'?

OPINION AND COMMENTARY Parents of two students attending Frontier School of Excellence high school are calling for administrators at the Kansas City charter school to fire a counselor accused of using racially offensive language directed at the teens. The school's college counselor denies using racist language.