Kansas City Star Denounces MAGA Threats

Whilst we don't have any love for last year's panty-raid insurrection . . . The current Beltway show-trial also FAILS to inspire much confidence in the future of American Democracy.

Sadly . . . Kansas City's newspaper is convinced that prime time grandstanding is protecting voters by way of snuff footage, crocodile tears and political preaching to the choir. 

Here's part of their self-righteous screed on the topic . . .

In about six weeks, hundreds of thousands of Missourians and Kansans will go to the polls to make their choices known. That’s the real miracle of self-government, which survives despite an overwhelming assault by the former president and his fellow travelers.

The Jan. 6 hearings are a reminder of the threat that process faces, and democracy itself. Americans must face that threat, and reject it.

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Donald Trump's lies put election workers through hell. That makes voting less secure

Of all the stunning revelations emerging from hearings of the House Select Committee on Jan. 6, 2021, the testimony from those facing physical threats is the most disturbing. Tuesday, a Georgia election worker named Shaye Moss told the committee, and the nation, that her life has been changed forever because of the vicious attacks she faced after the 2020 election.