Kansas City Southland Progress Primary Election Endorsements Debut 1st On TKC

Special thanks to the MOST KICK-ASS TKC INSIDERS who share a FIRST LOOK at the most important political move of the day. 

To wit . . .


They cover 25 polling places throughout South KC and nearly a dozen spots in Grandview. They publish a ballot that's distributed amongst tens of thousands of voters AND local politicos look to them for leadership. 

Real talk . . .  Southland Progress is the heir apparent to the old school Citizens Association and they now represent the biggest active, registered voter collective on this side of the river. 

Accordingly . . . 

Here's a peek at some of their top picks . . .

Megan Marshall Wins Over Incumbent Jackson County Legislator Tony Miller AGAIN.

She's the surprise candidate of this primary season.

The former Marine and suburban school leader has impressed MANY people and this latest endorsement seems to give her clear momentum over an incumbent who has faced criticism for his "complicated" working relationship with Exec Frank White

Missouri District 35 - Anthony Ealy over Annette Turnbaugh

Mr. Ealy is a relative newcomer to the political game but he picks up an important win for the Southland. Missouri Rep. Annette Turnbaugh has been a solid leader but might be suffering from the same voter frustration that confronted most super-minority Missouri Democratic Party leaders.

Donna Peyton Tops Political Insider Zac Sweets

Full disclosure . . . We don't know much about Donna Peyton but we've heard she's a solid neighborhood leader who has a lot of people who like her. 

Meanwhile,  Zac Sweets is a rising star political insider who hasn't had any luck with his foray into Jackson County politics and pursuit of the 2nd District At-Large seat.

Remember that Mr. Sweets served as Chief Of Staff for former State Senator Jason "Big Red" Holsman and he currently works with former Council Lady Cindy Circo at Evergy . . . 

Long story short: He knows people. But that hasn't helped him connect with voter organizations despite his EPIC name that seems PERFECT for local politics. .

Manny Abarca Edges Out Geoff Gerling & Justice Horn For Critical South Side Nod

This is an important upset . . .

After redistricting drama, Geoff Gerling seemed to be relying of his years of political work on the South Side for a competitive advantage. 

Activist Justice Horn was a long shot in this endorsement contest from a group the is comprised almost completely of moderate Democrat loyalists. 

In the end, Manny Abarca earned the nod. It's also worth noting that Mr. Abarca recently earned a new union gig and that might be part of the reason he's sweeping union endorsements in this contest despite his social media misadventures that have been mostly negative - i.e. he's got some pretty dedicated trolls and a longstanding beef with Northeast News.

Finally . . .

Like it or not . . .

Former Council Dude John Sharp is now one of the strongest players in Kansas City politics.

His years of work with Southland Progress have put the group in a position to have just as much local influence over upcoming elections as any other organization.

Developing . . .