Kansas City Public Radio Champions Racially Charged Housing Effort

Most of us wouldn't have any problem with an effort to increase affordable urban housing to help families take an important step toward financial stability.

However . . . The racially charged angle of this story might be problematic in a diverse community that now also includes a growing & wide variety of ethnic groups who also seek economic opportunity . . .

"While the U.S. homeownership rate saw its biggest annual increase on record during the pandemic, the disparity between Black and white homeowners also grew. Some organizations in Kansas City are trying to change that."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

This real estate agent is on a mission to create 1000 Black homeowners in Kansas City

Tenesia Brown was 15 years into a career in real estate before she found her true mission: create 1,000 Black homeowners in Kansas City's urban core. Five years ago, Brown owned a real estate business in Buckner, Missouri. Business was going well. Then, in 2017, she was diagnosed with two types of cancer.