Kansas City Progressives Forgive Prez Biden For High Gas Prices

Today our friends at upscale donation-based progressive news outlets are FINALLY forced to address the U.S. gas price crisis that has been bankrupting local plebs for months. 

The takeaway . . .


In one story the Prez isn't even mentioned until the last paragraph . . . Another morning discussion doesn't bring up the Commander-In-Chief at all.

For the most part our Democratic Party loyalist friends have directed ire at Vladimir Putin for the current gas price surge . . . But very few pundits dare to mention that it might not have been a great idea to get in a proxy war with Russia in Eastern Europe whist the nation attempts to recover from COVID.

But I digress . . .

Here's somebody smarter than us all sending blame toward the other side of the world . . . 

Mike Stellern, professor of economics at Rockhurst University, cites several factors that have contributed to higher prices.

“There’s been a decrease of about 10% of oil coming out of Russia,” Stellern said. “Given the fact that we’ve got the war between Russia and Ukraine, this has seriously impacted what Russia has been able to send out to the rest of the world. And this 10% decrease is impacting what is happening in the United States.

“Secondly, after the pandemic, people are returning to the office environment and starting to travel. This is a tremendous increase in the gasoline demand. And this increase is causing the price of a gallon of gasoline to just soar.”

Despite soaring prices here and across the country, Missouri and Kansas still have some of the lowest prices nationwide. Missouri ranks at 40 and Kansas at 42 among the 50 states plus the District of Columbia.

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Kansas City Braces for Long, Hot Summer of High Gas Prices

"Oh, it is high. Too high." Those are the words Jessica Davis utters after reaching one of the gas stations on Kansas City's Main Street. The 34-year-old yoga instructor feels the same every time she refuels her black SUV these days. "It is more money out of my budget," Davis said.

You decide . . .