Kansas City Outcry & Protest Against Rural VA Shut Down

As American scarcity takes hold amid rising inflation and more costly fuel . . . Commitment to the troops is wavering.

Here's one tragic aspect of local cutbacks . . .

Janet Constance, a PTSD psychologist at the VA in Kansas City and a member of the AFGE Local 9, worries that regional closures will decrease access for veterans who need specialized care or live in rural areas.

“It is extremely important that our veterans continue to have access to specialty services within their communities and closures are gonna mean longer wait times, longer drives, and that's just unacceptable,” Constance said. “Our veterans have already paid for their care with their service – they need to continue to receive that top notch care. If more veterans come to Kansas city, that's gonna lead to potentially a decrease in timely care for everyone.”

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Veterans around Kansas City may have to wait longer and travel farther if VA closes rural facilities

Dozens of workers protested across the street from the Heartland VA Network on Tuesday in opposition to the potential closure of several area health care providers. They want the Department of Veterans Affairs to avoid layoffs and revitalize existing VA centers.