Kansas City MSM Denies Inflation

Check this quick and discouraging indication that local journalists don't really know much about economics.

Apparently, a real estate agent making big bucks amid a housing crisis provides "proof" that the economy is all good . . . Here's her hot take:

“I think COVID has done nothing for real estate but be its friend," she said. "I mean, a lot of people are looking at where they're living and they want to love where they live. So they're either selling or they're renovating because they're spending so much time in their homes.”

Meanwhile . . . A trip to the grocery store will offer proof of economic hardship . . . Mostly your own. 

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High gas prices, inflation predicted to not influence KC housing market

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Despite inflation hitting a 40-year high and gas prices predicted to rise to $5 a gallon by the middle of summer, Kansas City real estate agents don't think the housing market will be heavily impacted. Missouri Realtors released its highlighting the Missouri real estate market for the month of April.