Kansas City Mayor Q Debunks Photoshop Conspiracy After Woman Shot

A quick peek at the scorecard this week following a social justice crisis that turned out to be nothing more than a big lie . . .

- A lady "victim" of a police shooting WAS NOT PREGGERS despite witness testimony. 

-  She is, in fact, now charged with carjacking

- Contrary to activist claims . . . She was holding a gun and refusing to cooperate with police. 

Those are the basics that have been forgotten amid seemingly endless waves of activist chatter and outright disdain for anything related to evidence.

Meanwhile . . . 

Like it or not, Mayor Q had the courage to stand against social media rumor-mongering.

Here's part of his statement . . .

“I don’t know why there would be some gigantic conspiracy,” said a baffled Mayor Quinton Lucas. “The prosecutor, who has indicted police officers in the past. The mayor, who sometimes police have disagreed with. The police, the highway patrol. So many others, who are trying to say that we’re going to doctor a photo to try to cover up any incident here.”

Lucas was clearly frustrated that news of KCPD officers shooting an unarmed pregnant woman became national, and even international, news because it’s wrong.

“I’m surprised,” Lucas said. “I think there are some folks that want to fight. There are some folks that want to battle. This ain’t the case. And, this ain’t the situation for that sort of thing. This is a tragedy. One we all recognize, but one where the truth has been shared.”

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Mayor Quinton Lucas backs released photo: 'The truth has been shared'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - A newly released image that was supposed to clear up controversy has now become the source of a new controversy with some alleging that it's photoshopped. However, everyone from the mayor's office to prosecutors to investigators say that's false.