Kansas City Main St. Starbucks Baristas Stay Winning Union Vote

This one got past me right before I took off to do more important stuff . . . But it's worth considering for our late night visitors.

Check the aftermath of a coffee union fight in the post-COVID economy . . .

"A narrow win means that baristas at the 41st and Main Street café can now begin collective bargaining as part of Workers United."

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Starbucks workers win union vote at Midtown café, the third in Kansas City metro

Starbucks workers at the 41st and Main Street cafe in Kansas City narrowly won their vote to unionize. After a three-month unionizing effort , baristas voted 5-4 on Wednesday to organize as members of the Chicago & Midwest Regional Joint Board of Workers United (CMRJB).

Workers at Kansas City's Main Street Starbucks vote to unionize

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Workers at the Starbucks store at 41st and Main Street in Kansas City, Missouri, voted Wednesday morning to unionize. The store is the second store in Missouri - both in the Kansas City area - to vote to join the Workers United/SEIU.

Workers at Midtown Starbucks vote to unionize

Staff at another metro Starbucks have voted to unionize. After three months of organizing, workers at Starbucks at 41st and Main streets have the voted to form a union as Workers United."I'm hoping that this union contract will make this job worth coming back to," said former barista Avis Sulzer.Sulzer was one of the supporters.

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